I’m a tourist for Samoa, but what can I do?

I’m a tourist for Samoa, but what can I do?

I’ve been on a cruise since 2010, and I’ve never been on the island of Samoa, the world’s most populous country.

I’m from California, and Samoa’s a state I don’t live in.

But it’s a different story for my family.

Samoa’s been home to me since I was about five years old, when I saw a news report about the island’s largest-ever palm oil palm oil plantation.

It’s one of the first plantations I’ve ever seen on the ground, and the whole place was in pristine condition.

It was a beautiful sight.

The island has some of the best beaches on the planet.

I had never even been to Samoa, let alone seen its forests.

But I was hooked on palm oil and decided to try it as a way to make money.

That’s when I met an old friend from California who was the first person I’ve met who could actually talk about it.

My family and I were living in San Francisco at the time, and Samoan is a place I love dearly.

I loved everything about Samoa.

The weather.

The people.

The food.

The culture.

I even went to Samoa for my first vacation, in 2012, to the island city of Marquesas.

Samoans are known for their unique way of life, with their distinctive style of music and culture.

It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to move to Samoa and become a full-time tourist.

After a few years of living on the coast, my mother and I finally got a break when I was invited to take a cruise on the Red Sea.

I was looking forward to a nice trip on a private yacht, and we thought that would be the perfect opportunity to travel to the beautiful island.

Unfortunately, my cruise would be a bit of a disaster.

The ocean was a bit rough, and there was a bad storm that knocked out the sails of the ship.

When the weather cleared, we set sail for the nearest port, and in less than an hour we were sailing for three days to the tiny island of Kalambahulu.

Kalambawe was about a 10-hour drive away from the capital of Kalimantan, and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Kalimante is a small, remote island on the southern tip of South America.

It has one of Samoa’s most beautiful beaches and is home to a thriving tourist industry.

But for the most part, it was a pretty dull cruise.

After about three days of sailing in the open sea, we finally found a small fishing village, and my brother and I decided to spend a few days there.

The town is just a few kilometers away from our port, Kalambay, and they were selling souvenirs like palm oil barrels, coconut trees, and fishing gear.

It felt like paradise.

We were so excited that we were going to make a living off this island, and when we got off the ship, my brother told me that I was the luckiest man he had ever met.

After we had a good night’s sleep and ate some delicious coconut, we were ready to head out.

It didn’t take long for me to find out that the entire place was completely uninhabited.

The only people in the village were the locals and the people who lived there.

After our stay was over, I was so grateful that I didn’t have to return to my parents house for a long period of time.

It had been over a year since I had gone on the ship and had already become used to the isolation.

After staying in Kalambale for two weeks, I returned to San Francisco.

The cruise had been a great experience, but it wasn’t enough to really pay off the debt I owed to Samoas hospitality.

I’d also bought a few souvenirs that had been on sale in the local markets.

I bought a small wooden statue of Samoan king Mamano, which I thought was a great piece of history.

But as the weeks went by, it began to seem like I was getting paid for a good day’s work.

After getting my boat back in the water, I realized that I’d been spending too much time in the ocean.

It would be fun to get back to the land, but there wasn’t much else I could do besides go to a few of the tourist sites I’d already been to.

I tried to stay busy at the beach, but I couldn’t seem to make much money.

One day I was hanging out in the sand and wondering how I was going to get by.

When I looked out the window, the sun was already coming through the clouds, and a small ship came sailing in.

The sailors were from Japan, and their captain was very friendly.

They offered to take me on a few more cruises in the future, but at this point, I wanted to get away from everything and just go surfing.


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