How the georgia tour operator wants tourists to spend their holidays

How the georgia tour operator wants tourists to spend their holidays

Georgia Tourism Management, a company founded by a Georgia-based businessman and an Arizona-based entrepreneur, is planning a series of tourism trips around Antarctica, a region where a combination of human-made and natural disasters have wreaked havoc.

The company has already booked two cruises for 2019 and a tour for 2019, with the aim of selling its services in Antarctica to tourists who are interested in going to the continent’s top attractions.

A number of popular Antarctic destinations are scheduled to open for tourists in 2019.

The itinerary, which is due to be unveiled on Wednesday, includes trips to the North Pole, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Southern Ice Shelf and the South Pole, among others.

It also includes stops at the Cape of Good Hope and McMurdo Station.

A group of tourists would spend the summer holiday in McMurda Station, which sits atop the world’s largest iceberg.

The South Pole is also a popular destination, with a handful of other visitors, including some of the top-ranking members of the international tourism industry, visiting the Pole every year.

In the past, Antarctic tourism has been hampered by the continent experiencing its own type of climate change.

The continent’s high Antarctic temperatures have been linked to the warming waters, which can cause ice to break off.

And while the North Antarctic ice cap has already been reduced in thickness by about a third, a more extreme weather event could mean the ice could become even more unstable.

Read more: The polar vortex ‘will be like a hurricane’, says NASA scientist – as he explains why polar ice is so important Antarctica is also experiencing its first El Nino, a type of natural weather event that occurs every two to five years.

According to a report by the Antarctic Institute, a British research institute, an El Nina occurs in the middle of winter when the average temperature of Antarctica is lower than average.

This year, the average is in the mid-70s, which means the average El Ninal has already occurred.

However, the number of events is still too high, as it was during the peak of the previous El Ninajean in 2013.

“We are currently experiencing a record number of large events, with many large events over the past few years,” said the institute.

“In some years, the total amount of snowfall during the winter is so large, the amount of ice has been reduced by up to 50% or more.”

As temperatures have risen in the last two decades, this event has become more common and severe.

This event is very unlikely to return to normal again.

“A number of scientists and academics have warned of a drastic shift in the way the continent will be managed in the coming decades.

The continent, which has been governed by a monarchy for almost 100 years, will become more divided between a European-dominated leadership and a multi-racial and multi-ethnic government.

A recent report by British think tank the Institute for Government found that only 30% of the continent is now governed by the UK.

The report said that the majority of people in the continent are from a variety of countries and ethnic groups, which are often less connected to one another.

It added that the UK’s dominance in the region has led to problems for its people.

British Prime Minister Theresa May recently announced a £30 million investment in the North Sea.

However, despite these challenges, the company hopes to continue its efforts to improve the tourism industry in Antarctica.”

It’s the perfect combination of a natural, challenging environment and a tourism-friendly destination. “

The Antarctic Peninsula is the perfect location for us.

It’s the perfect combination of a natural, challenging environment and a tourism-friendly destination.

For a long time, there has been a perception that tourism was a barrier to tourism and tourism was the problem, but now we know it’s not.

We’ve built a very strong, highly engaged tourism community.”

The company is looking to take on the role of managing Antarctica’s tourism industry.

John McArthur says the company will continue to invest in Antarctica, despite the climate change crisis, but is not ruling out a change in the industry.

“The fact that the industry is growing in such a high rate, and that we have so many international companies and international visitors that we are able to bring together the tourism expertise of our international partners, we think that we can make a significant contribution to the industry, and we want to make sure that we stay ahead of the game,” he said. will bring you more on the news and the tourism sector.

Follow the BBC’s coverage of the Antarctic summer, including live blog posts and images from the region, on the BBC News website and on Twitter.


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